• Coronavirus. Climate crisis. Inequality. Ecological collapse. It’s all real. All connected.


    But the pandemic has shifted certainties and there's now a potential for transformative change like never before.

  • It's time for change…

    From a culture that diminishes and destroys…

    Our dominant culture celebrates and reinforces the worst in human nature and makes us think and behave as if we are separate from the rest of the living world. This is the root cause of most of the crises facing us today.

    …to one that nurtures and restores

    We will only have a society where all can flourish if we transform our culture to celebrate and reinforce the best in human nature, and to reflect the reality that we not only depend on, but are part of the living world.

    At Realise Earth we help organisations of all kinds be (even more of) a force for good.

  • Osbert Lancaster

    & friends

    I'm Osbert Lancaster, founder and director of Realise Earth.

    I've been immersed in sustainability since the 1990s as a consultant, educator and facilitator. Over this time I’ve continually learnt from many inspiring thinkers, innovators and practitioners – among them my colleagues, clients and connections.


    It’s clear that awareness isn’t enough to bring about the changes the world needs. Drawing on insights from research and practical experience I specialise in supporting social change for sustainablity.


    At Realise Earth I'm joined by some highly talented friends who each bring a wide range of complementary skills, expertise and experience across different sectors: governments and agencies, community groups and international NGOs as well as businesses and universities.

  • Our services

    Get clarity about your next step

    Free mentoring walks to help experienced leaders, professionals and business owners to further sustainability through their work and networks.

    Hold events that deliver results

    We specialise in designing, facilitating and managing events, large and small, for organisations and agendas with an environmental and social focus.

    Dive deep into the crucial issues of our time

    Short workshops for professional associations, network organisations etc, for their members to dive deep in sustainability, values, building back better and more.

    Put your values into practice

    At whatever stage on your organisation’s sustainability journey we help with strategy, leadership and organisational development.

    Change behaviour and culture

    If your organisations wants to shift social norms, change behaviours or engage people, we help you develop and deliver programmes and projects.

  • Contact

    Whether you have a defined project in mind or just a tantalising idea, we'd love to learn more and discuss how we might help.

    Osbert Lancaster


    07981 528 991

    Or book a free mentoring walk.

    Based in Edinburgh, Stirling, Fife and Rutland we work across the UK and Europe.

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