• In this time of climate and biodiversity emergencies, we need a shift in culture and in the structures of society

    …a shift that builds on, and reinforces, the best in human nature

  • COVID-19

    We're worried and thinking about our families, friends, communities and people everywhere. At the moment we are still available to support organisations transforming society for people and planet.


    This pandemic and its impact isn't a blip or a distraction from tackling climate change and sustainability – it's another symptom of our dysfunctional relationship with the rest of nature.

    Online events

    We can help you plan and deliver meetings and workshops. Nobody wants to be forced by circumstances to accept second best. Our experience is that online events are very different from in person – but when carefully planned and facilitated they can be very effective, and sometimes better some respects to traditional approaches.


    Whether you are planning a new, online workshop, or looking to take your board meeting online, we can help.

    Consulting & coaching

    We've a long experience of working remotely and making the best use of technology to have rich and deep conversations with clients and stakeholders.

    Two free 45 minute consultations

    If your organisation has had to cancel events due to COVID-19 we are happy to help you think through how you might offer an online alternative. We can offer two consultations per organisation. Subject to capacity; open to organisations that are:

    • Either, already working to bring about positive environmental and social change;
    • Or, now starting to explore how they can step up to the environmental and social challenges facing us all.
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  • We help organisations contribute to the transformation of society for people and planet.

    Changing social structures and norms

    We work to change the structures of society, e.g. laws and regulations, economic priorities, taxation, government policy and practice, education etc, by supporting organisations that are researching, developing and working for alternative approaches.


    We also help shift social norms, and create greater demand for positive change, by helping organisations develop and implement strategic responses to the climate and biodiversity emergencies.

    Across the public, private and third sectors

    We work with government and public agencies, NGOs, charities, community groups, universities, trade associations and others, that are:

    • Either, already working to bring about positive environmental and social change;
    • Or, now starting to explore how they can step up to the environmental and social challenges facing us all.
  • Our approach is based on expertise in sustainability, social change and practical delivery.


    With many years of experience of sustainability, climate change and related issues we are able to understand our clients' situation and provide expert input and advice.

    Social change

    Our expertise in societal and organisational change draws on a substantial body of research, which we translate to make it accessible, useful and engaging.

    Practical skills

    With longstanding experience of designing, delivering and supporting organisations we draw on a range of ethical approaches and effective tools to plan and deliver results.

  • The support you need to achieve your objectives

    Every project is different

      Sometimes our role is that of a neutral facilitator or mentor creating a safe space for important conversations and decisions. At other times our role is as a consultant or trainer – sharing knowledge and co-creating effective ways forward with the client and with their stakeholders.


      Once we understand your objectives we offer the specific support you need, often a seamless blend of any of the following: consultancy, advice, facilitation, coaching, mentoring, training, review, evaluation, project management and implementation. We support you with:

      • Designing and facilitating conferences, seminars and workshops - online and in person
      • Developing and reviewing strategic plans
      • Programme/project development and implementation
      • Programme/project review and evaluation 
      • Organisational change
      • Organisational development
      • Training in facilitation skills
      • Training in models and tools for social change
      • Sustainability leadership retreats (provided by Natural Change)
      …all in support of your environmental and social objectives.
    • Supporting more organisations bring about the transformations we need

      For almost as long as I can remember, I've been interested in what a 'good life' might be, and how we can individually and collectively thrive alongside the rest of nature.


      When, in the 90s, I first understood the scale of our impact on the environment I believed that once more people knew this, things would change. In 2020 it's impossible to avoid knowing the problems we face, and it's clear that awareness alone is not enough to make change happen.


      For many years I have worked on helping people understand how change happens, and how they and their organisations can help bring about positive change. To be fair, effective and enduring, such efforts must draw on and reinforce the best in human nature and work with the rest of the natural world.


      I have invited some outstanding and committed people to join with me. They each bring a wide range of complementary skills, expertise and experience across different sectors. This means that together we can support more organisations bring about the transformations that we all so urgently need.


      Osbert Lancaster, director & founder

    • Team

      Osbert Lancaster

      Osbert has worked as a sustainability consultant, facilitator and educator since 2008, building on ten years experience at the Centre for Human Ecology. He led the development of Edinburgh University's MSc in Global Challenges, and served on the grants panel of the Scottish Government's Climate Challenge Fund and WWF Scotland's advisory council. Osbert is also a director of Natural Change.

      Pamela Candea

      Pamela has been working to promote sustainable society actively since returning to a cherished ambition after a long career in the commercial world in 2007. She now works with community, public sector, and commercial organisations to bring about change using values based methods. Pam is founder of The Surefoot Effect.

      Richard Profit

      Richard works with individuals and organisations to identify systemic intervention strategies and action for human and environmental flourishing within organisations and across the supply chain. Following 22 years of experience drawn from international operational roles in the British Army and PepsiCo, his work draws on relational practice, deep democracy and the work that reconnects.

      Duncan Wallace

      Duncan helps change-makers gain insight by weaving action-based learning, research programs, and thoughtful insights into practical training and considered support. He has spent decades working to encourage a more socially just and resilient Scotland, through founding notable organisations like Emmaus Glasgow. More at duncanwallace.org.uk

      Lexi Lurcher

      Lexi is our wellbeing coordinator. She encourages and supports regular outdoor activity while providing a calming influence in the workplace. Lexi is an expert in high speed running, squirrel management and olfactory social media.

    • Contact

      Whether you have a defined project or just a tantalising idea, we'd love to learn more and discuss how we might help.


      Osbert Lancaster | osbert@realise.earth | +44 (0) 7981 528 991


      Based in Edinburgh, Stirling and Rutland we work across the UK and Europe.

      The Change Makers Journal

      For naturally inspired insights and practical approaches to transformational change for sustainability. In collaboration with Natural Change.


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    • Clients include…

      Adaptation Scotland | Beyond Green | Centre for Hydrology & Ecology | Church of Scotland | City of Edinburgh Council | Climate Outreach | Confor | Coworking Accelerator | Cycling Scotland | Development Trusts Association Scotland | East Ayrshire Council | Environmental Association for Universities & Colleges | Energy Savings Trust | Ecosystem Services Community Scotland | Falkland Centre for Stewardship | Glasgow School of Art | Grassmarket Project | Green Aspirations | Greener Kirkcaldy | Indigo Childcare | Judy Murray Foundation | Keep Scotland Beautiful | Kilmarnock Station Railway Heritage Trust | Local Energy Scotland | Methilhill Community Children's Initiative | Neilston Development Trust | NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde | NHS 24 | One World Centre, Dundee | Oxfam | Perth & Kinross Council | Pilton Youth and Community Project | Rowan Alba | Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations | Scottish Environment Protection Agency | Scottish Funding Council | Scottish Government | Scottish Parliament | Scottish Renewables | Sniffer | Stirling University | Sustaining Dunbar | Transition Edinburgh | University of Edinburgh | University of the Highlands and Islands | University of Lancaster | Wellbeing Economy Alliance (Scotland) | Young Scot

      What they say…

      Osbert understood our needs and designed an excellent day to ensure that key issues were surfaced and solutions explored.


      Sarah Deas | Board Member | Wellbeing Economy Alliance (Scotland)

      Osbert was wise, thoughtful and thought-provoking, bringing valuable knowledge and experience but most importantly perspective to our project.

      Suzy Goodsir | Chair | Greener Kirkcaldy

      Duncan takes a very person centred approach and worked with us in a way that we felt listened to and empowered to develop in ways that were essential for growth of our business.


      Louise McAllister | Co-Founder/Director | Green Aspirations

      Osbert was inspiring, but also forensic in his knowledge. The final piece of work - and its impact - exceeded expectations.

      Louise Macdonald | Chief Executive | Young Scot

      Duncan was very knowledgeable and helpful throughout. He had a good focus on our common goal and avoided too much jargon or bureaucracy – very outcome focused which was very appreciated.


      Wendy Wilkinson | Deputy Director | Scottish Government

      I highly recommend Osbert for planning and facilitating interactive workshops. Feedback from those who attended was very positive.

      Graham Esson | Team Leader | Sustainability, Policy & Research | Perth & Kinross Council

      Duncan has vast experience in supporting change management within a range of organisation types. He is able to review, assess and evaluate complex problems and organise factual and anecdotal information.

      Deborah Grant | CEO Indigo Childcare

      I recommend Osbert's ability to deliver well-structured and successful workshops, and his deep understanding of sustainability and social responsibility.

      Dave Gorman | Director of Social Responsibility and Sustainability Department | Univeristy of Edinburgh

      Excellent session. It has helped build strong foundations for our strategic planning and team building.

      Ruth Wolstenholme | Managing Director | Sniffer