• Events that deliver results

  • We specialise in events for organisations and agendas with an environmental and social focus

    From facilitating a strategy session for your board to every aspect of a multi-day conference – in person, online or hybrid. And we love getting people outside for the entire event or for particular sessions.

    In person, online and hybrid events including…

    strategy sessions

    receptions & dinners
    focus groups
    community consultations

  • Great events don't just happen

    They have a clear purpose and are planned, managed and facilitated to ensure every aspect of the event works towards that purpose. We always start by exploring the purpose of the event with you:


    What do you want to achieve from the event?


    How do you want participants to feel afterwards …about the topic? …your organisation? …themselves?


    What do you want participants to understand or be able to do?


    What do participants want and expect?


    What do you want to learn from participants?


    & more…

  • To help you achieve your objectives, we draw on a range of activities to engage, inform and inspire participants.


    From conventional presentations and panels, through group work and paired discussions, to more creative and reflective practices such as social dreaming, walkshops and solo contemplation.

  • Our team includes skilled and experienced facilitators with expertise across a range of environmental and social issues, as well as strategic thinking. Because we understand your objectives and your discussion topics we are able to design event programmes that flow beautifully and provide the space for rich, rewarding discussions.


    We provide a comprehensive events management service through our partnership with The Events Hub. Based in West Lothian, with an operation in London, Ruby Sweeney and her colleagues plan, manage and host virtual, hybrid and in-person events across the UK.

  • Feedback from leaders, board members, donors and supporters has been overwhelmingly positive:


    ‘the best event we have ever done’, ‘we wouldn’t do anything differently – it was perfect’, ‘a wonderful and inspiring evening’


    Your team allowed me and my team to focus on the donors and speakers, knowing that the logistics and event preparation was taken care of.

    Mary Smith | Head of Specialist Giving | World Vision

    I highly recommend Osbert for planning and facilitating interactive workshops. Feedback from those who attended was very positive.

    Graham Esson | Team Leader | Sustainability, Policy & Research | Perth & Kinross Council

    Excellent session. It has helped build strong foundations for our strategic planning and team building.

    Ruth Wolstenholme | Managing Director | Sniffer

    Osbert understood our needs and designed an excellent day to ensure that key issues were surfaced and solutions explored.

    Sarah Deas | Board Member | Wellbeing Economy Alliance (Scotland)

    I recommend Osbert's ability to deliver well-structured and successful workshops, and his deep understanding of sustainability and social responsibility.

    Dave Gorman | Director of Social Responsibility and Sustainability Department | Univeristy of Edinburgh

  • It's never too early to get an external, expert perspective on your event.

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