• Mentoring walks for people who want their organisation to be a force for good

  • Walking stimulates reflection & creativity

    The world needs more organisations that are part of the solution.

    We need more organisations of all kinds – public, private and third sector, large and small, old and new – that are helping create a society where people and the rest of the living world can flourish.

    Want to make your organisation (even more) of a force for good?

    A socially focused organisation that wants to engage with the climate emergency? An environment focused organisation that wants to embrace social justice? A business that wants to respond strategically to the challenges we face?


    You might have a particular project or development in mind and think we could help, or you may just want an opportunity to think things over with somebody who can listen. We can help with either.

    Get clarity about your next step.

    Walking stimulates reflection and creativity. Combining the power of walking with the support and insight of a skilled mentor, our mentoring walks offer a rich time and space to reflect on what really matters and to get clarity on your next step.

  • How our mentoring walks work



    Choose your mentor, date and location. Well behaved dogs are welcome at some locations.



    Meet your mentor at 10am at a beautiful park or rural location, and walk together for two hours.  



    As you walk, you and your mentor explore what matters to you and what you are looking to do.



    We have lunch in a local cafe or pub. The session ends by 1pm. Conversations are confidential. Appropriate distancing observed throughout.

  • Your first session free.

    We enjoy meeting people, walking and exploring practical ideas for positive change. We'd love to have a one-off mentoring walk to help you find the clarity you need, though we welcome a donation afterwards to the Natural Change Foundation that reflects the value of the session to you and your ability to pay.


    If you do subsequently want to explore a potential project with Realise Earth we will help you clarify your needs further and agree initial steps at no charge.


    For ongoing support for you or your team we offer bespoke mentor packages, in person or online.

  • Pam's mentoring was a real catalyst for change and it continues to influence my work. Her passion for supporting change in a values-led and sustainable way is infectious, but Pam never pushes or forces anything, rather questioning, probing and coaching you to find your own way.

    Anthony Morrow | Chair, Board of Trustees | Urban Roots

    Richard has been a great support to me, he is patient but at the same time is able to push and empower me to greater things, he has also turned the skill of listening into an art form. His enquiry and work on resilience and sustainable organisational change through relational practice, collaboration and adaptive leadership is incredible.

    Clare Cassidy | Senior Technical Manager | Fresh Direct (UK)

    Duncan has enabled me to have confidence in my direction and decisions and has an excellent understanding of the wider external context within which the organisation operates.

    Fiona Sinclair | Volunteer Services Manager, Mental Health | NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

    Osbert's support and advice were absolutely invaluable. By helping me to understand my aspirations and working with me to develop practical methods to achieve them, Osbert enabled me to take some major steps forward. I would not have progressed anywhere near as far as I have without his insight and gentle guidance.

    Kerry Riddell | Development Manager, Biodiversity & Communities | The Conservation Volunteers

  • Choose your mentor

    Pamela Candea

    Stirling & Glasgow

    Walking at Stirling Castle Rock and Gowan Hill (inclines and uneven paths), Kings Park (paved paths, wheelchair accessible) and Glasgow parks by arrangement. Well behaved dogs are welcome. If you’d prefer a dog-free walk, leave a message when you book.

    Osbert Lancaster


    Walking in Holyrood Park, Dalkeith Country Park (inclines and uneven paths); and Botanic Gardens (paved paths, wheelchair accessible). Well behaved dogs are welcome on sessions at Holyrood Park and Dalkeith Country Park. Lexi might join us. If you’d prefer a dog-free walk, leave a message when you book.

    Richard Profit

    English East Midlands & London

    Walking at various locations around the East Midlands and in London. Well behaved dogs welcome depending on location. If you’d prefer a dog-free walk, leave a message when you book.

    Duncan Wallace


    Walking in Holyrood Park (inclines and uneven paths) and Botanic Gardens (paved paths, wheelchair accessible). Well behaved dogs are welcome on sessions at Holyrood Park. Snowdrop might join us. If you’d prefer a dog-free walk, leave a message when you book.

    Read About Us to find out more about our background and experience.


    If a walk doesn't work for you, we can meet outdoors at a single location, indoors or online.

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